NOVATTIA R&DIndustrial R&D

NOVATTIA R&D conducts its R&D projects with an engineering-driven vision. The services we offer depend on the technology readiness level (TRL) required by our customers. We can provide:

  • Research, development and results reports.
  • Prototypes and / or test benches.

NOVATTIA R&D offers its services to different industries such as the environmental, mining, food, plastic processing, pharmaceutical, paper and energy. The technologies we develop are used in solid processing of raw materials, intermediate streams, finished- and by-products and wastes, either as in dry or wet media.

The technologies we develop are focus on operations such as attrition, crushing, drying, mixing, grinding, screening, transport, storage, washing, micronization or separation due to differential physical or chemical properties.

We help our customers to obtain innovative solutions and technologies for the solids physical processing.


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