NOVATTIA LABSMore than a Lab

With our long track record of technical expertise, in NOVATTIA LABS, we carry out a wide range of analyses and tests to provide our customers with assessments of the materials sent to us for study:

  • Analysis of solid samples or suspensions.
  • Process testing for ore conditioning or beneficiation.
  • Test sequences for the simulation of industrial processes.

NOVATTIA LABS seeks to offer solutions tailored to the problems of each customer, via analyses and test sequences. We therefore design customised laboratory work plans to better meet our customer needs. 

For some tests and analyses, NOVATTIA LABS works closely with collaborating centres through ongoing programmes of participation in research and training projects.

We also offer a broad range of additional services such as laboratory outsourcing and the possibility of annual contracts for periodic control analyses. 

We help our customers to obtain innovative solutions and technologies for the physical processing of solids.


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