NOVATTIA centres part of its activity on the development of new processes and complete processing lines, involving a high degree of innovation with regard to the technology currently available in the solid processing sector. With our knowledge and experience, we can either develop new processes or introduce technological improvements and innovations in already existing processes.

The goal of NOVATTIA PROCESSES is to seek technical process solutions that will make it possible to create new products, upgrade existing ones, reduce production costs, improve performance, resolve processing problems, etc. The expert knowledge of NOVATTIA PROCESSES with regard to applicable technologies for the physical treatment of solids, whilst remaining in continuous contact with our customers, allows us to define and develop innovative solutions to processing problems that cannot be resolved with current methodologies.

Based on our customers' requirements, we carry out the research and development that will make it possible to provide a detailed definition of the most suitable process to obtain the required results. The execution of these types of projects is based on a methodology established between the parties. This encompasses a series of basic stages:

  • Definition of objectives.
  • Research, tests and conceptual design.
  • Review of results and re-design.
  • Completion of detailed design.
  • Completion of final documentation (report, specifications, general drawings, detailed drawings, investment estimate etc,).

At NOVATTIA PROCESSES we address all our projects within a framework of understanding and on-going collaboration with our customers, whilst guaranteeing maximum confidentiality as the fundamental basis underlying the philosophy of our relationship.