About Novattia

About Novattia

NOVATTIA is a company dedicated to the Research and Development of applied technology for the physical processing of solids. Our company's core activity is the development of R&D&I projects directed at creating technological solutions that have real industrial applications. In fact, our Development projects cover the complete innovation cycle: starting with the conceptual idea right up to the construction and industrialisation stage.


Technology offer

At NOVATTIA we develop applied technologies related to our core Area of Knowledge: the treatment and physical transformation of solids. We specialise in developing technologies directed at sectors such as mining, chemicals, food products, waste recycling, ceramics, etc. Our projects are basically focussed on the research, development and implementation of technological equipment relating to processes such as particle size grading, heat exchange, attrition, densimetric separation, comminution, etc.

Research Lines

Our own research lines constitute the backbone of our strategy to develop specialised applications and are key to the future creation of all-inclusive solutions that can be applied to industrial processes for the treatment of solids. NOVATTIA considers that these research lines provide the necessary equilibrium, making it possible to transfer to the industry the results obtained from experimental research and development, based on own experience and know-how and that of the company's network of collaborators. NOVATTIA is currently focussing its principal research lines on the development of high performance technologies for gas - solid heat transfer and for dry or wet particle size grading, for products with a high finesse. At the same time, NOVATTIA is also involved in other specific lines of research in co-operation with our collaborators.