The constant presence of NOVATTIA in the research centre environment and the smooth collaboration with these centres, allows us to coordinate laboratory tests and analyses, covering a broad spectrum of solid material characterisation.

NOVATTIA LABORATORIES offers a chemical and physico-chemical characterisation service for solids, in addition to customised analytical tests, seeking to provide a solution to our customers' problems in the field of research and technological development.

  • Chemical characterisation: Determination of elements by XRF or ICP, determination of pH etc..
  • Physical characterisation: Particle size distribution through sieving or by laser diffraction, determination of the specific surface area by nitrogen adsorption, pore size distribution by mercury porosimetry, real density by helium pycnometer, humidity, Vickers micro-hardness, microscopy observation and photography etc.
  • Tests: attrition resistance, drying curves, etc.

NOVATTIA LABORATORIES co-ordinates the tests and analyses required in the various R&D&I projects in which it is involved. This service is performed in collaboration with laboratories at technology centres and the UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country, making it possible to speed up the analysis processes to characterise products to be processed, the test results with pilot equipment, commissioning, technical audits, etc.